Free style

Painting with the Ancestors

ME:  Pick a color.

Kelli:  Best Buy blue

So, I painted blue.  First, looking like a three-quarter view of a blue hair weave.  Then, the fire grew.  The ash and water produced new life.  As the smoldering flames met the cool air coming off the water, a vortex swept me away.  I left my shield behind, and let go.  The spirits shone their faces from time to time, just to direct my focus and remind me that it all comes back to basics.  God.

You can watch this happen at and follow @jeshima_devine (IG)  for more colorful spells.


Philly So Red – A street trolley poem

Red Eyes.

Red Hoodie and cap.

Red and white adidas & sweat pants.

Two red puffy jackets, one red and silver.

A red coat and headphone cord.

Red v-neck on me.

Red emergency EXIT.

Red and black head wrap holding up her curls.

Red painted wood.

Red truck

Red background for a black fist


Red Sweatshirt and two red PUMAs

Red roll up door.

Red striped on concrete.


Red roof

Red and black adidas.

Red pasenger van

Two red posts

Red and blue matching mix-match on him and her

Four red doors and window grates

Red bandanna, red banner, red flag.

Red t-shirt, hanging out of his green hoodie

Red box hold AL DIA.

A red backpack

Red coffe cup lid and red beacon

Red ball teams

DO NOT ENTER and red State Farm

Red charger

Red lipstick on a red neck.

Too red posters

Red solo cup thrown out the back door.

Red streaks in her hair

Red Converse and cami

Red circles all painted in a red circle

Red cross and red drip.

Red hand, don’t cross

Red and blue knitsweater.

Red Jeep and red flannel

Red wrappers litter the sidewalk

Red STOP. . .

Red bar top in front of my

red bar stool with silver embellishments.