How to Silence A Know-It-All

I have a know-it-all on my back.  Not the kind of know-it-all that actually has something to offer.  No, my know-it-all always knows a better way to do the things he’s never actually done successfully.  My Know-It-All hovers over me like a bee over a flower.  He’s not content to learn something new, so instead he has to come up with hair brained ideas of how to make it better, easier, faster, (cheaper).

He can’t understand why it’s not working.  He knows  a better way to do this.  It would go faster if you do that.  It would look better if you did it his way.  You would be more successful if you took his advice.  He knows it all.  But, for some reason he can’t do it himself.

I explain to the brick wall that there are procedures not being met.  I have to take certain steps before we can move on.  He responds, “I never have to do that when I do it my way.  It’s easy.  You’re doing it wrong.”  So, I gracefully step aside and say, “Ok, show me how you do it.”  He takes my seat… … …  I’m thinking he’s going to do it with telepathy.  He’s staring, but nothing is happening. ….. After a few minutes of NOTHING…  He gets up and says, “This is stupid!  How do they expect you to do anything?…” , makes his exit and leaves me to work in peace.  And that is how you silence a know-it-all.


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