Be Messy.

Quotes and notes from Art class, September 2017:

  • Don’t commit right away.
  • Have fun.
  • Be Messy.
  • Feel your way around until you find the right space.
  • Use your mistakes to steer you in the right direction.  Don’t erase them too soon.
  • Where you come up with ideas, is often where you find yourself.
  • Are your verticals truly vertical?

Prelude (Portrait 3 from Selfish)

She wanted to remember how she felt that day.  No amount of money was enough for her to be unhappy, or unhealthy.  It wasn’t the work.  She always sought out employment based on her aptitude and interest.  Most of the guys were great, but there was enough of a rotten element that it spoiled the lot.

Following attempts by her co-workers to sabotage jobs, insults, advances, a push on a spiral staircase, music, laughter, heat, sweat, blood, and amazing views, awesome tacos, and a new fondness for root-beer, she grew fiercer.  She was making a place, where no other woman had.  She was eager, patient, skilled, and annoyed.  It was good money.



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